Using quality fuel means your engine will run better

Our nutritionist is here to help you eat right for optimal performance.

All of these memberships include constant contact for the length of the program with coach Veronica.


Nutrition Consultation:


Nutrition can make or easily break your fitness goals. These days there is so much information on nutrition and different diet crazes that it is difficult to know what will work best for your body. This consultation is a one on one run through of your nutrition past, how you are fueling your body today, what you know about food and what program will work best for you and your training schedule.

Consultation includes:
  • 1+ hour consultation
  • Body measurements
  • Physique assessment
  • Run down on the basics of nutrition
  • Nutrition/Training goal setting

Alteration Program:

Depending on your goal:

8 weeks = $ 230
10 weeks= $ 265
12 weeks= $300

If you are tired of working out and not getting the results you want, this will be a great place for you to start! The Alteration program is a customized nutrition, training and supplementation program that is specific to you and your training. This program works for beginners to athletes of all ages.

Alterations Programs includes:
  • Weekly email check
  • Daily food log check with feedback to improve for the next week
  • Example meal plan
  • Scheduled body measurements every two weeks

Accountability Membership:


At times we all need accountability for achieving our fitness goals. Without having someone hold you accountable for your training and nutrition it’s hard to hit your goals. When you are consistent you will see results! This four week program is designed to keep you on track every week on your training and nutrition. It’s a month to month membership were we set goals at the beginning of the week and make sure you follow through with them by the end of the week. I will be here along the way to help you with any questions you might have within the 4 week cycle.

Accountability membership includes:
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Weekly nutrition log check
  • Weekly email updates and feedback
  • Body measurements once a month.


  • I went to Veronica because I wanted to lean out and I knew I needed some guidance in order to achieve my goals. I felt that I was eating “well”, but I had plateaued and realized that I needed to change something fundamental in order to progress. Time to bring in the professional! V and I talked about my goals and my habits, she did an initial assessment and then took time to educate me on the fundamentals of seeing food as fuel at the macro level. For me, this was key because it armed me with the knowledge to make good decisions. Like many, I have a hectic work and travel schedule. And V spent time guiding me through how to use these fundamentals to make the right choices when I’m living between airports and hotels. I immediately made changes to my pre and post workout “fuel” in addition to how I eat at different times of the day. And the fundamentals don’t change if I’m eating at home, or on the road. The best part is that I immediately started seeing measurable results. This is not dieting – often I find myself struggling to get in all the calories I aim for in a day – and V’s program is not hype. This has gone from a simple goal of looking to lean out by a few pounds to a fundamental and lifelong change to how I fuel my body. Thanks V!! Your program rocks!

  • I have not been working with Veronica for a terribly long time overall (about 2 months), but I have already noticed marked gains in my performance and appearance. Her tailored advice was spot on for my goals, and the check-ins proved that it was working with great results! I actually was a little slow to take on her full advice, but when I started seeing results from what I was doing, I decided to go for broke and listen to everything she said, and the results were even quicker and more noticeable. On top of being knowledgeable and providing customized plans for my goals, she’s also very encouraging and will stay with you to get you where you want to be! She has great recipe suggestions that are delicious and not complicated, and while she expects a lot from her clients she is also fun to talk to and work with. And she’s great at explaining nutritional concepts to people like me who have no idea what they’re doing! I hesitated a lot before starting on her plan, as I already came to the shop 3-4 times a week and thought that was enough to get me where I wanted to be. I’m glad I decided to check it out, because I couldn’t be happier with her or with my results. 10/10! I’d even say 11/10! My goals were to gain weight (muscle mass), not so much to lose fat. But both ended up happening! I started in early July at 171.2 lbs, 12.5% body fat, 149.8 lb of muscle mass. Last checkin on 9/6 I was 175.8 lbs, 10% body fat, and 158 lbs of muscle mass. I highly recommend seeing V if you’re even a tiny bit curious about what she has to offer. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was.

    Will Howard-McKinney
  • I've been working with Veronica for over a year now. I've always been in shape but I knew that I was lacking focus on nutrition. I always had the mindset of I'll just run that off tomorrow but I knew I needed and wanted to work on nutrition. I quickly realized that I could run for miles and lift heavy weights but as soon as I put more emphasis on food is when I noticed the most progress in my life. I have explored different food compositions/diets and ways of eating and Veronica has always been that nutrition coach for me to depend on. I think of Veronica as my Accountability coach (and friend). But really for the price of a meal out I wanted to spend in towards exploring my nutritional needs with her help. I look at food differently now and I've never felt better. Because of nutrition I run better and lift better. I continue to work with Veronica exploring and learning about different nutritional paths and I always know that I can count on her to lend a helping hand and offer sound advice. 

  • I have been working with Veronica for over a year now on my fitness goals and exercise program. I had always been a "healthy" eater and in relatively good shape but I wanted to step it up. After our first meeting together I walked away shocked that although I thought I was eating right I was actually choosing the wrong foods and amounts to achieve my goals. Every few weeks we would meet and she would check my progress and make adjustments as needed. I have put on 11 lbs of lean muscle and went from 23% body fat to 13% body fat. Veronica has been so supportive throughout this journey and her knowledge and ability to modify my diet weekly sometimes has proven invaluable. She is an awesome nutritionist and a fantastic friend.

  • I started working with Veronica when I wanted to gain lean mass to be stronger in Olympic weightlifting and found her approach to be extremely effective. First, she armed me with science-based knowledge of how to eat to effectively build muscle and track/reach daily nutrient targets. Second, she gave positive goal-setting and visualization techniques to stick with my goal. Not only did I build muscle, I also lost a significant amount of body fat, resulting in overall improvement in body composition. I have also worked with her for fat loss which likewise accompanied muscle growth. She is amazing to work with!