How do I get started?

If unfamiliar with our offerings, we request interested parties email us to schedule a Shop tour overlapping class. Tours provide a window into our community, opportunity for Q&A, often an indicator of best starting point. Informal and light, tours typically last anywhere from 15-45 min.


Are you guys Crossfit?

Nope. We also aren’t a Zumba studio, but just as we utilize some of the same lifts one might encounter at a Crossfit Box, we encourage members to give in to the urge, engage in hip-hop and salsa dance moves between sets!

Is Dane’s friendly to fitness beginners?

Yes! Our workouts are programmed in a way that can challenge even the fittest of Austin demi-gods, but are also friendly to fresh faces. For those inexperienced in barbell, kettlebell, and high intensity interval training, we recommend beginning with “Fusion Fundamentals” – a semi-private introductory course.

What should I wear to The Shop?

Anything you are comfortable sweating in and don’t mind getting dirty (you never know when there will be a tire that needs flipping!). We are an open air facility, so might want to think of having an extra layer you can put on when it gets chilly, or peel off when the Austin sun gives us tender kisses.

Do I need to bring anything else when I workout?

We strongly recommend bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated- we have a water station for refill. Optional items might include: sunscreen, lifting gloves, and sassy sweat bands.

Are you dog friendly?

Absolutely! We have a super swank pet lounge just outside the Fusion room. We prefer to keep our Shop friendly to those who might have allergies, so please refrain from bringing your pooch in studio.

Can I bring a friend to the shop?

We understand members will likely have friends and loved ones expressing reasonable concern as to how they have become so ridiculously fit. If a member of the shop is interested in bringing a friend, the first step is to reach out via From there, we can discuss if your friend is familiar enough with our style of workout to safely drop in for class. With respect to member product, we do not offer free classes or trials, guests are subject to drop-in rates.

How do I contact the Shop?

Given the variable responsibilities of management, the best method of communication is email. Turnaround time on queries is typically same day, and often times within just a few hours (or less). Though delays can, and sometimes occur, we will always be in touch soon as possible.